TEANKA Products

Plastic Profile Lines

Εxtruders for Profile Lines

TEANKA manufactures single-screw extruders for the production of profiles from soft or hard PVC with a screw diameter from Φ40 to Φ75

All lamination units (screw - cannon) are made in collaboration with an Italian company which has long experience in their construction. They have been nitrified, ie surface treatment (staying in a nitrogen atmosphere for several hours) to increase the strength of the material.

Considering how important are the followings:

  • Production stability and reliability in continuous operation
  • Energy saving,
  • Ease of control
  • The speed of changes

We use the most reliable inverter / converter systems with encoder close loop controls, and branded motors - reducers of the European market.

Extruders with diameter greater than Φ40.

In extruders with a screw diameter greater than Φ40, we use the specialized extruder reducers of the Italian company Zambello.

TEANKA extruders can also be manufactured to meet special production needs such as:

  • Small external dimensions to save space
  • Linear displacement
  • Melt pressure measurement
  • Connection with melt filter
  • Connection with gear melt pump