TEANKA Products

Plastic Pipe Lines

Winding Stations

TEANKA manufactures a wide variety of winding stations even for very small pipe diameter pipe (Φ3) and in various winding diameters (up to Φ3500 outer diameter)

Technical Specifications:

  • One or two winding stations
  • Arrangement of stations in a row or right-left
  • Automatic or semi-automatic winding and roll change function
  • Winding on a fixed spool or without a spool
  • A mechanism moves the insert pipe right - left, across the width of the spool so it can built correctly
  • Cutting by measuring tube length at the spool or by command from the central production line control or the printer
  • Binding system with hoop
  • Wheels for easy movement inside the production area
  • Large roll width for rolls of many meters
  • Special corridor - guide for passing the hoop by hand, in wide buns
  • Holding the end of the tube after cutting so the spool does not unwind
  • Possibility in the same winder to change the internal curvature, for a better result in thin tubes and in different diameters
  • Special design of feather plates, not to damage the pipe
  • Grip the beginning of the pipe at the start of the winding
  • Change the inner diameter automatically with electric drive for big winders
  • Possibility of transfer even the biggest winders with common trucks or containers (diameter of stations over 3m)

Coiler TYP2/3500X

Coiler with plastic strap

Coiler with strap

Artemis automatic coiler

Tailored jumpo coiler

Winding Station TYP2/2200

Coiler TYP1/2400X