TEANKA Products

Plastic Film Machine Lines

TEANKA manufactures all the machines that constitutes a film production line, except for the extrusion heads, which we supply from specialized Italian manufacturers.

  • Film width (open): max. 15 m.
  • Film thickness: from 10 μm to 500 μm.

Our produced machines are:

  • Single screw extruder with screw up to Φ 120 mm
  • Co-extruder with screw from Φ22 to Φ40 mm
  • Guide cages of tubular diameter change
  • Take Off stations fixed or rotating
  • Automatic or semi-automatic film winding stations

We have mainly installed:

Guide cages

Take Off Stations (fixed or rotating)

Film Winding Stations


Take off Stations (Fixed or Rotating)

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