TEANKA Products

Plastic Pipe Lines

Calibration Systems

TEANKA manufactures calibrating distinctions for platforms of colored plastic from PE, PP, PVC with diameter from Φ3 to Φ125.

In particular, vacuum calibrator tanks have:

  • High precision vacuum regulators
  • One or two independent vacuum chambers with independent pumps
  • Cooling temperature and water level control
  • Water filter with by-pass
  • Cyclone
  • Drive back and forth on drivers
  • Manual position adjustment right - left and up - down for proper and easy alignment with the head

TEANKA calibers can be fixed or adjustable in diameter and are made of a special brass alloy to minimize friction and maximize cooling. We also manufacture calipers with brass and Teflon or stainless steel, depending on each need.


  • Tube length: 4, 5, 6 and 8 m
  • Cooling type: Spray or immersion
  • Tube construction material: Stainless steel
  • Vacuum and water pumps: Reliable construction companies
  • Guides and rollers: Made to avoid the elliptical shape of the tube

Calibrating System for pipe Φ355

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